long-term thesis
long-term thesis

  Elementary students (Gr.1-6) Junior high school students (Gr. 7-9)
Title: What do aliens look like?

Aliens that we see in picture books or movies look very different from us human beings. However, we cannot tell that one is an alien just because he/she looks strange. Nobody has ever seen an alien and no one knows exactly what they look like, but there must be a reason why aliens look so different from us. For example, aliens that live in the Mercury, the closest planet from the sun, should have small eyes or special cornea to protect them from the excessive sunlight. How about aliens in the planet Neptune which is far away from the sun? Wouldn't they have thick skin and perhaps

nine eyes in order to adapt to a very cold and dark environment?  Now, suppose there live aliens in each planet. Choose a planet and f ind out about the environmental conditions of the chosen planet.  Imagine what aliens adapted to the conditions of the chosen planet would look like. What would it be like to invite those aliens to our planet Earth? How would they describe their native planets? Make alien models of your own imagination, and think about how these aliens would introduce their native planets.


* Write and submit a free-format report which answers the following questions. (within 10 pages)

1. Make up a team, a team name and introduce yourselves.
2. Choose a planet where your aliens are from and explain why.
3. Describe the natural environment of the chosen planet to which your aliens must adapt.
4. Imagine what aliens would look like in order to adapt to the planet.
5. Make a model of your alien. (within 70cm)
6. Prepare an introduction made by aliens about their native planet. (within 10 minutes)


1. What do you think about the decision of Englis? What would you say if you were the mothers of Englis and Sharp? What would these mothers think when they read this article?
2. If you were the journalist reporting this article, how would you write it?
3. Think of a symbol that characterizes each of the 5 people, Englis, Sharp, Hillary, Hall, and Mazir. Explain their meaning.


1. How unique are the team name and the introduction of team members?
2. How accurate is the research about the planet?
3. Are the provided reasons for aliens to exist in the planet appropriate?
4. How unique are the ideas about the aliens?
5. How creative and elaborate is the alien model?
6. How creative, logical and artistic is the introduction by aliens about their native planet?