WCF-2018 is a field of festival for both Korean and international students to compete and challenge their abilities and creative skills in problem-solving. It has been a national event held since 1997, and has taken its second step into the international arena.
WCF-2018 provides opportunities for students/adults to foster their creative future-oriented mind as well as to build an amicable reationship between Korean and international students.
Throughout this festival, we anticipate that the students' creative potential will be recognized and nurtured so as to meet the demands of the new 21st century.
2018 World Creativity Festival (WCF-2018)

The 2018 World Creativity Festival (WCF-2018) will take place at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science And Technology (KAIST) in 2018 in Daejeon, Republic of Korea.

The main goal of the WCF is to stimulate interest in creativity and science technology by bringing talented students together from various countries and providing them with a chance for scientific and cultural experiences.

The WCF takes place annually. Participating students compete in teams, and try to maximize their score by solving a set of problems through team creativity during two days of competition. Cultural and recreational events are organized on the remaining days.

Please feel free to contact wcfestival@gmail.com if you have any questions.

: October 20~23, 2018

: KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology), Daejeon, Republic of Korea

: Daejeon Metropolitan City & Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education

: KAIST & The Korean Society for the Gifted(KSG)